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How to get a CAT out from under a Bed, make something


How to get a CAT out from under a Bed, make something.
Some extra shy cats like to hide under the bed. That may not be good for them if they do it too much because they never get socialized. If you have a cat that will not come out from under the bed and you need to get him out, the best way is to made a board that is stabilized so it can’t tip over. Then tie two strings to the board and get the board behind the cat and slowly nudge him out. This way the cat does not get upset and become even more shy. This method worked like a charm and I took my time (about 20 minutes) to get him out. He was under there all day and I did not want my cat getting back into the habits of hiding under the bed all the time, as he did at the foster. I had Rocky-Caesar about 4 weeks now and he is 1 year and 3 months old. I also put some ground herbal lavender under the bed and that definitely kept him calm. Lavender oil is too strong a smell for a cat, since a cat’s smell is about 10 times more sensitive than a human’s. But ground lavender herb is perfect. After I got him out from under the bed, I used the same wood to make it so he can go under the bed, but not all the way under. So he can hide about 1 1/2 feet under the bed and that may be just right so he does not stay there all day. He’s a shy cat. Actually the term “shy” for a cat is not the best term. They experience a type of “brain-freeze” so they could get defensive since they are not fully thinking. I would hate to use anything a vet would prescribe because they use the same time of junk they use on people. Typically it just masks the problem, rather than remedying it. Lavender is excellent for cats, dogs, horses and people. Also a very high quality diet, cat vitamins and Alfalfa and Japanese seaweed contribute greatly to the cat’s overall health and thus help him over-come the problems of shyness or brain-freeze. He also listens to a variety of healing music of Native American Indians and Tibetan shamans with cats purring. It has very good effect. Eventually he will receive a special Lakhovsky collar that will bring in healing energies and heighten his awareness and increase his strength & longevity.

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