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AMAZING Things Dogs Can Do


Everyone knows they’re man’s best friend, and if you’re a dog person and want to know more about these adorable creatures, stay tuned and see just how amazing canines are.

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7. Their Strong Sense of Smell
They might drink out of the toilet sometimes or not know how to climb down the stairs normally, but remember dogs are actually very smart and very intuitive. Speaking of noses, their strong sense of smell has also given them the ability to detect when a human isn’t feeling well. Dogs have 220 million scent receptors, which is why dogs in service are often tasked to find missing people, hunt other animals, and sniff out someone smuggling drugs. Another thing dogs can do with their noses is detect when someone is sick. To elaborate, research has shown dogs can sniff out ailments and conditions such as narcolepsy, migraines, seizures, cancers, low blood sugar, and even when you’re experiencing fear or stress.

6. They Make You Healthy
We’ve already talked about how dogs can relieve stress. But did you know that owning a dog can help lower your blood pressure? In the same way petting a dog can help destress you, this goes hand in hand with helping lower your blood pressure. Happily petting a dog helps your body release hormones that help you relax. Owning a pet and caring for one also encourages their owners to go on frequent walks and move about all the time from playing with them. On top of that, doing these activities keeps your pet fit and relaxed as well when you pet them.

5. They Make Kids Healthy
Although owning a pet adds more responsibility than you already have when taking care of a child, research has shown that children who grow up with pets like dogs have a lowered risk of developing food allergies, asthma, and eczema. Pet allergies is quite a common occurrence, and having a pet can be a problem since even if you’re not necessarily allergic to the dog, their fur can collect dander, pollen, and dust which irritate allergies. So owning a dog and being exposed to it at an early age can actually help children become more immune to these allergens that affect the air and their skin.

4. Dogs Are Hard Workers
When it comes to service pets, dogs are the most common animals that are trained to help humans live normal and safe lives. Service dogs or assistance dogs help everyone from those with visual impairments and hearing impairments to those that live with huge bouts of anxiety and PTSD or suffer from diabetes and seizures. Of course, dogs also work alongside police officers, like the K-9 unit in the United States. Certain dogs are more fit to fulfill a role than another dog, but there are a plethora of different dogs out there that have the ability to get the job done.

3. Friends With Other Animals
Dogs are fiercely loyal to humans, that much we know. But they are also creatures that have the capacity to get along with other animals as well. When choosing other pets to own, you don’t have to worry too much about what kinds since, as you can see, they can become friends with a wide range of animals, from dragons to dolphins, to sheep, and even their popular rival, cats.

2. Dogs In Love
We might associate a feeling of love (or the chemical reaction of love, depending on your personal outlook and cynicism) with something that only humans feel. But studies have shown that dogs also have the capacity to feel love, as in falling in love. This of course again varies on how you define love–but in the sense of commitment, being happy together, missing another dog, dogs surely have shown they experience the throes of being in love with each other. With that, they can also feel rejection, too, which most people can relate to.

Dogs and Humans
This cannot be stressed enough. Dogs are, of course, our best friends. A lot of that has to do with the fact that humans have literally bred dogs to be more friendly to humans, but that sense of loyalty is something innate, in both dogs and their human best friends. A dog has incredible long term memory, so they’ll remember the one that took care of them from a young age. They also have really bad short term memory so that time you accidentally stepped on their tail is a thing of the past. They are intuitive to human behavior and emotions, so you always know someone is empathizing with you and there’s always someone else experiencing your happiness.

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