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Adopting a Dog | How To Adopt A Dog


Adopting a Dog | How To Adopt A Dog


Perhaps you are not sure if you want to adopt a dog or not. Or, maybe someone in your family wants a dog but others do not think a dog is a good idea. How will you decide what to do?

There are lots of reasons for wanting a dog:

You just lost a dog
Your friend just got a great dog
A family member is asking for a dog
You fondly remember a dog you had in earlier years and think that is what you need or what your children need.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a dog, you need to evaluate carefully whether you are prepared to raise a dog and what type of dog fits your current lifestyle or family.


Dog ownership lasts for the whole life of the dog, for many dogs that is 12 to 15 years. Getting a dog is a lot like having a baby there is much to do to prepare.

There is a baby stage which is very labor-intensive on your part,
there is a toddler stage
and an adolescent stage which can both be a bit trying on your patience,
then comes the long and happy relationship (if you got through the earlier stages successfully),
and then there is a senior stage during which your dog may be on medications or need your help.
The commitment is long but should be rewarding.

There is nothing like the devotion of a great dog. Be sure you deserve that devotion and unconditional love.


There are lots of dogs from which to choose over 250 breeds worldwide plus many designer dogs and untold numbers of mixed breed dogs. You can get a puppy, a grown dog, or an older dog. You can get a male or a female. You can get a dog from a shelter, a breeder, or a friend. You need to take your time to get the right dog for you

Herding dogs are intelligent and obedient dogs who are gentle and patient with children.
Sporting dogs are active, easily trained, intelligent dogs who love to work and to play games with their owners.
Working dogs are generally large and well-muscled dogs who desire to work hard and please their owners.
Hound dogs instinctively follow their noses or eyes, they tend to be loving companions who are easily motivated with food.
The Terrier personality is feisty and energetic, but they adapt well to apartment life and some are well-suited to allergy sufferers.

Most dog breeds originally had specific jobs for which they were bred. However, in today’s world they do not have those jobs. If you choose a dog from a breed with high energy or very high intelligence, be prepared to keep your dog active and busy.


Every year 5 to 8 million dogs are relinquished to shelters. Why? In most cases, the family is simply not prepared for the type of dog they have. Many of these dogs are later euthanized.

In case you were wondering about the dog on my title slide, that is Nikita and she was a rescue dog. She was
6 yrs. old when I adopted her and we have 7 fantastic years together until she passed away.

I highly recommend that you adopt a dog, rather than buying one. Rescue dogs are thoroughly checked out by
veterianarians and dog behavior experts before they are allowed to be adopted. They also live with a “foster
parent” for at least 30 days to make sure there are no hidden problems.

To find a rescue center near you, just Google the breed name rescue in whatever state you live in (german shepherd rescue in NH, for example) and that will give you a listing of all the rescue sites in your state.

There is a link below this video to join our training experts on one of our FREE online seminars and learn how to decide on the dog that would suit you and your family the best.

What is covered in this FREE course:

Are you ready for a dog
Spaying and neutering
Finding the best veternarian
Adopting a puppy or older dog
8 tests to identify the perfect puppy
11 tests to identify the best adult dog
How to prepare your home for a new dog
What you will need to purchase for your new dog

Good luck with your new found “best friend” and I hope you both have many, many year of happiness together.

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