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8 Weeks After Her Family’s Home Went Up In Flames, This Dog Found A Miracle Under The Floorboards


8 Weeks After Her Family’s Home Went Up In Flames, This Dog Found A Miracle Under The Floorboards

Chloe the dog was lucky to survive the fire that ravaged her family home. But standing in the ruins now, owner Christine Marr could see her pet acting strangely. The dog was fascinated by a hole in the floor, so Marr looked inside. What then happened kick-started a chain of events she never thought possible.

Marr and her family are pet lovers through-and-through, so it’s only natural that two of their pets are rescued animals. To begin with, they had two cats – eight-year-old Smoke, and four-year-old Ringer. They also have a five-year-old dog called Chloe.

The Marr family also feed a few local stray felines, so animals fill their property in South Haven, Michigan. But tragedy was about to strike. Because on March 16, 2017, a devastating fire engulfed the Marr family home.

Thankfully, Marr was out of the house at the time, but an eyewitness observed and reported the blaze. As a result of the warning, both the Ganges Township Fire Department and South Haven Area Emergency Services attended. Their prompt actions meant they were able to limit damage to the house.

The fire apparently originated from a heater, and fire services prevented it spreading from the living room. Despite responders’ best efforts, though, the disaster wasn’t without its casualties. To begin with, Marr’s lounge was unsalvageable. But that was the least of her problems.

Several of Marr’s pets suffered as a result of the inferno. Firefighters discovered pet dog Chloe only half-conscious in the bathroom, where they revived her with oxygen. However, she was incredibly fortunate. The two family cats hadn’t been so lucky.

The family’s oldest cat Smoke sadly died as a result of the fire. Meanwhile, their other feline Ringer had disappeared. Rescuers scoured the area, but there was no sign of the missing cat.

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