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Only in Tokyo Japan! Luxury Dog Restaurant & SPA & Hotel 愛犬ヴィレッジ with Adeyto


in Tokyo Higashi-Shinjuku! AIKEN-VILLAGE 愛犬ヴィレッジ is a multi-storey building for people who love their dogs like a real partner in life and are happy to have the chance to enjoy the luxury together with the dog in this establishment: there is a store with dog fashion, clothes, accessories, food, grooming items, pillows and anything you would dream of. Then another floor is a dog hotel, where you can let your dog for few days when you leave the city. Then a dog trimming salon, dog run area and rooftop run area. And the Bistro, for a wonderful lunch, cafe or dinner with the dog.
Just opened on April 27th!

愛犬ヴィレッジ 0120-414-299

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