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Kitten UnBoxing ~ Get Mama Cat To Adopt Another Litter? ~ Kittens W/ No Mama ~ #10


We picked up these little guys today at the shelter. They don’t have a Mama and their time was running out. We’ll be trying to get Cheri from Litter #8 to ‘adopt’ these babies. In this video I explain the plan for introducing the new kittens to our Mama cat, Cheri.
Be sure to look for more videos from today’s visit to the shelter, 5/11/16. I need you guys to see the over whelming need for foster families. We have a tour of the back room at the shelter and another Kitten UnBoxing for Litter #9 -the other 9 kittens (& Mama) we brought home today. We now have 20 cats in the house!

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*Before Commenting, Please Note*
*These kitties are NOT ours. We foster through our local shelter. The cats come into the shelter as strays or owner surrenders.
*ALL cats are vaccinated, spayed and neutered before the shelter allows them to be adopted
*YES, their bedding is changed and litter boxes are scooped throughout the day. Sometimes I clean AFTER a video so I can catch something they are doing on camera.
*The shelter covers all healthcare but we pay for all other fostering costs out of our own pocket. These costs include food, litter, bedding, toys, gas to drive to & from the shelter, etc.

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