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Find care for your four-legged family members. Ever wonder what dogs are thinking? Watch this cute dog video and see what happens in a day in the life of Tucker,’s spokespet.

0:00 Mmm, bacon.
0:02 No, bacon, come back…
0:04 Hello, morning. We meet again!
0:14 You can let go, you know.
0:16 Oh helicopter parents…
0:18 Hey, we’re here! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
0:27 Mine.
0:28 Mine.
0:30 Mine?
0:31 Mine.
0:33 Birds, birds, birds, birds, birdy, birdies, birdies, birds
0:37 Someone should talk to those birds about their social anxiety.
0:41 Hey, we’re home! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
0:45 Check out the paws on her…
0:46 Online dating – it’s a jungle out there
0:49 Okay, ready to go again!
0:55 Oh boy Thanksgiving came early! Look at all this stuffing! Mmm mmm mmm
0:58 Hmm I wonder if this is because I have daddy issues…
1:04 You know, sometimes I feel like I’m walking you.
1:08 Oh was that a squirrel?
1:12 Mine.
1:16 Whoa…easy there Lassie…
1:18 Ah, the start of all great friendships.
1:21 If only we’d seen a squirrel…
1:30 Food! My favorite! Oh boy is this a new recipe?
1:34 Mine.
1:39 Hmm, what did Freud say about oral fixations, again?

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