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Appenzell Mountain dog mix eats raw meat and bones (BARF NRV)


If you like this video, please subscribe! *Warning: dog eating recognisable rabbithead! Quite graphic so if you have problems with that, don’t watch! ;)*

For those who aren’t scared of some blood and meat, go ahead! (The weird lighting sometimes is because of the cameraflash.)

This is my Appenzell Mountaindog X Stabijhoun eating some delicious fish, goat and rabbit. She has some problems with her skin and became very skinny lately. She scratched a lot and had growing spots of skin without hair. I’ve had her on a meatdiet since 2010 but the packages I gave her only contained beef and chicken. Which is kinda like eating potatoes and spagetthi day after day. In the beginning she did very good on it but after a few years eating only this food… Not good…

So, in order to fix the skinproblems, she now gets natural medicin and new food. Almost two weeks ago I ordered all different kinds of meat for her (online, Good quality musclemeat, bones and organs. Since I started this ‘program’, her skin increased A LOT! I don’t know how much is because of the medicin, but she really reacts very good to this new food.

In the past two weaks the scratching became less and hair is already growing back on the spots that because of the scratching became bald. Also, she stinks less and her fur is getting really soft again. Just like when I started giving raw food instead of kibble.

So, it looks like this medicin and the new food is really helping. Hopefully it keeps on going like this, especially because she LOVES this food ;). And I like watching her eat like a dog is supposed to eat ;).

The meats I ordered: horse, chicken, guinea fowl, duck, lamb, goat, fish and rabbit. The horse, lamb and goat were musclemeats with a little bit of bone (and a lambtripe). The chicken and duck were the necks, guinea fowl the carcass and fish as a mix (put a whole fish in a blender and voila). From rabbit I bought ears, carcass and heads (she has a head and some ears in this clip).

I’ll try to upload some more clips soon.


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